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When it come to IT, the solutions are varied. For institutional requirement, it’s very different from home, for home it’s very different from Telecom, and keeping that in mind, we’ve divided our offerings to three different categories;

  • SOHO – that’s Small office, Home office
  • Enterprise, &
  • Telecom.

The cycle is very simple, as we get maximum traffic and complexities in the biggest of the network, which obviously are found in telecom networks, we introduce the technology there, if it sustains the challenges of the telecom sector, we consider it robust & stable. We then customize it to fit in the enterprise requirement, and if it performs well, we patronize it for the consumers. In the process, our consumers get the best of the technology at the best price : performance ratio.


Here we have the complete range of wired, wireless and mobile computing products & accessories, design and built to make our consumer’s life easier...

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Institutional or the enterprise requirement is usually very different from consumer, the networks are bigger, complexities are more, number of users increases...

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Telecom is the most complex and robust network, and that is why we need to put more resources in R&D for Telecom to come out with a product line here to cater to these requirements...

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